Woman arrested while attempting to post cocaine in make-up

A Sophia woman is in the custody of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit after she attempted to post just under two pounds of powdered cocaine hidden in cosmetics containers. The woman was arrested on Thursday afternoon after she turned up at the Georgetown Post Office with the package of cosmetics and attempted to have it […]

US Government puts LEAD project on hold

In a one line statement which was read by an information officer at the Office of the President, the Governments of the United States and Guyana announced that the USAID funded Leadership and Democracy project has been put on hold to allow a re engagement process between the US Embassy and the Guyana government. Cabinet […]

Man gunned down execution style in Albouystown

Four years after well known Albouystown man Vibert “Vibey” Weeks was gunned down in front of a Robb Street strip club, his brother met a similar fate Wednesday night in Albouystown. According to initial reports, the man who has only been identified Orvin was in the community gambling with some other men late Wednesday night […]

15-year-old positively identifies cop who shot him in mouth

15-year-old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a Police Officer, positively identified the officer during an identification parade at the Brickdam Police Station on Wednesday afternoon. Now that the identification process has been completed and the Police Force has received the teen’s medical report and statements, it is expected that the Guyana […]

Bank of Guyana Governor Lawrence Williams Dies

The Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Lawrence Williams passed away on Wednesday morning after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was appointed the Governor of the Central Bank in 2005. According to the Bank of Guyana website, Mr. Williams took to the Governor’s Office over a 25 years of diverse cumulative Central Banking experience. His […]

“I am here to do my job” says U.S Ambassador

U.S Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt who has been accused of “meddling in local politics” by the governing People’s Progressive Party has declared that he will not judge any statement because “I am here to do my job and my job has many facets to it”. The PPP in a statement to mark World Press […]

Family of teen shot in mouth by police turn down compensation

The mother of the 15-year-old young man who was shot in his mouth by a russian roulette obsessed police officer, has turned down compensation being offered  to her by the policeman. The boy’s mother Marcelle Griffith, told News Source that she has been receiving a number of calls from persons claiming to be attorneys representing […]

PPP labels US Ambassador a “meddler in local politics”

The Governing People’s Progressive Party is not happy with recent statements from the U.S Ambassador about the state of the state media in Guyana and the need for the independent media to stop being referred to as “Opposition media”. The party has now labeled the US Ambassador Brent Hardt as a “meddler in local politics”. […]

Guyana does not need LEAD -Pres. Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar has indicated that he does not believe that Guyana needs a Leadership and Democracy Project at this time and that may be the real reason why the Government has opposed the U.S funded project from the time it was introduced. The Government announced last week that it had revoked the work permit […]