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Burnham to be honoured by South Africa

Twenty  seven years after his death, Guyana’s first Executive President, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham will be honoured by the Government of South Africa with one of the Nation’s Highest Awards, the Oliver Tambo Award (Gold).

The Order of the Companion of OR Tambo is a South African honour which was established on the 6th December 2002 and is granted by the President of South Africa to foreign citizens who have “promoted South African interests and aspirations through co-operation, solidarity, and support.”

According to a statement from the Burnham family,the late President’s daughter Ms. Roxanne Van West Charles will travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to accept the Award.

The award ceremony will take place on the 27th April.

The South African government has decided to honour the late Guyanese President ” for his integral part in sport boycott against South Africa during the apartheid regime and support for the liberation movement and freedom fighters in South Africa.”

The Burnham family has stated that “as Prime Minister and later President of Guyana the policy of opposition to colonialism and oppression in Southern Africa and the liberation of their people was firmly maintained and sustained and this was given expression at the non-aligned Summit in Lusaka Zambia, in 1970, when Mr. Burnham announced that Guyana would make an annual contribution to the fight for the liberation of Southern Africa.”

Mr. Burnham died in 1985.



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36 Comments to “Burnham to be honoured by South Africa”

  1. Paulette Chapman says:


  2. Paulette Chapman says:


  3. what happened to your grammer " will be travel to South Africa".

  4. what happened to your grammer " will be travel to South Africa".

  5. what is great about giving him an award.

    • He was one of the greatest leader of the 70's and 80's. I do not agree with all of his policies but he sure was innovative in many ways.

    • Elvin, what constitute a great leader in your vocabulary?
      “A man that starve his own people, kill and control new outlets, poverty everywhere, Jonestown”
      His policies were his demise and he should be forgotten like the others (dictators) of his time.

    • Dano Persaud says:

      This has to be a joke we were practically starved by this man

    • CRAP Basdeo Stanley. LFSB was beyond his time .Since his death Guyana is still searching for a replacement , a leader.

    • This man was no hero, what has he done for his people. Please stop using words like "beyond his time, greatest leader, visionary" and give concrete examples of his accomplishments.

    • Guyana has experienced positive growth almost every year over the past decade. Inflation has been kept under control. Recent years have seen the government's stock of debt reduced significantly – with external debt now less than half of what it was in the early 1990s.

    • Worlds like "beyond his time, greatest leader, visionary"
      The following names come to mind:
      Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King

    • Faab Burrowes says:

      You must have only one eye Basdeo, where is the progress in Guyana? You are talking about debt reduction that only you seem to believe, what about the discrimination since PPP is governing? Did Burnham have an all black parliament? Haven't you seen those horrible embarrassing government buildings-Parliament building, GPO, CITY Hall to name a few, they were in pristine condition under Burnham, they are so digusting to look at now; the horrible drainage situations, the mosquitoes in Gtown, you want me to go on you moron about the one-sided corrupted governments under PPP.

    • You are mixing apples and oranges. I have a very balance approch and just calling it the way I see it. You can fact check the growth of guyana for the past 10 years.

    • You are mixing apples and oranges. I have a very balance approach and just calling it the way I see it. You can fact check the growth of Guyana for the past 10 years. Yes, I do not agree with discrimination of any kind. If that is going on it needs to be addressed. Yes, I have seen those buildings and I do agree with you that they need to be worked on. Burnham had a monopoly in Parliament during his time.

    • In the 1970s, Burnham embarked upon a policy of austerity which bankrupted the local economy costing jobs and a subsequent "brain drain" of the educated class to North America. He began by nationalizing industries like the bauxite companies.
      As a result of this policy, he subsequently banned importation of basic food items like flour, split peas, cooking oil, butter, cheese, salted fish, pickled meats, preserved fruits, most canned items, and any food item.
      In the 1978 Brunham had a rigged referendum to change the constitution making him the Executive President. Under his reign, there were nightly power outages known as "blackouts", and it was during this time that Burnham's thugs robbed and pillaged.

    • Ronetta Knights says:

      Now u must be joking with this BS…lol growth you know whats wrong with all of you, you want good living but don't want to make the sacrifice that will get you there

    • Winslow Grant Jr says:

      guyana is worst off now than then

    • Winslow Grant Jr says:

      Basdeo Stanley all the things you r speaking about is what is happening at present … never had people kicking in your door and minster running goon squads…. back then security guards never had to carry m16's … there were no drugs lords and the Guyana dollar had more value

    • You can always verify the facts outlined in my discussion.
      I know the government can always do better for the people but they have come a long way.You have to be objective and call a spade a spade regardless of race or ethnicity.
      When you are prepared to do that we can start a health discussion.

    • Floyd Rose says:

      Basdeo Stanley
      ,my dear friend you speak of all these luxury food items like salt fish,pickled meat, preserive fruits, most canned items.are you trying to tell me that these items are of vital importants to the guyanese economy/people? i dont think so bro. [white flour.canned food! are not healthy foods bro] these things can easily be made by our own guyanese people this is what the great leader was trying to tell
      us. self reliance and self preservation bro.if no one in the world wants to buy your product that you might be putting up on the market for sale.why in the world would you want to spend your hard earned money buying their stuff to feed your people.when they can do well by feeding themselves with what they produce locally,i see you speak of economics i don't think you understand economics literally.even the UN heads had said that Burnham was way ahead in his thinking as to what we as a people of the world today are experiencing today this man is deserving of any accolades that is bestowed upon him. enough said.

  6. Herminee E Glen says:

    Well deserving. Rest in Peace Fatboy. Guyana sure miss you.

  7. Floyd Rose says:

    Basdeo, dano. looks like you two still starving! give jack his jacket let this great leader be Honored, what he had to do with jone town was Any Guyanese National killed? you people just full with hate, look at yall self in the Marrow.

    • Walter Sandiford says:

      I agree he deserves to b honoured he was not around when lindo creek bartica Agricola and east coast murders took place

    • Walter Sandiford says:

      I agree he deserves to b honoured he was not around when lindo creek bartica Agricola and east coast murders took place

  8. Michael Basdeo says:

    These people don't know what they are talking about. Burnham oppressed , exploited people in Guyana . These people to at retrospective decriptive research on Guyana growth. When he was president our growth was – 10 percentage in comparison with other Caribbean country. Currently our growth is about 3 percentage . This guy is no hero and don't deserve any award or acalades . He should be forgotten about

  9. Michael Basdeo says:

    He guys should be ashame to mention rascism. Burnham was an authoritative leader if don't have an English last name your weren't eligible to work in any public services jobs . Indian people had to change there birth name to English name to get job when this fools was president . I my grandfather last name us John.

  10. Michael Basdeo says:

    Who is our national hero some guy name Coffey . He was dead long before the Indians get to Guyana .We were brain wash as children in primary and secondary school. Look at the positive changes Guyana has made for example , doctors US trained people who went to med. school in the US did residency in the US etc.

  11. Basdeo Stanley You are so wrong

  12. why all the east indians don't have no good comments

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