Enrico Woolford being considered for top role at NCN

Veteran Guyanese Broadcaster, Enrico Woolford, may be heading back to familiar territory soon, as the administration appears set to effect major changes at the management of the state-owned National Communications Network. Woolford, who is a Syracuse University Broadcast Journalism Graduate and the holder of a Masters in International Relations, previously worked at the Guyana Broadcasting […]

Government to buy DDL’s 10% stake in Berbice Bridge

The government has announced  that it is moving ahead with an offer by Demerara Distillers Limited to buy out its 10% stake in the Berbice River Bridge. The move will see the government spending $45 Million to acquire the 40 Million shares that the company has in the Berbice Bridge company. The administration is currently […]

PM Nagamootoo: Salary increase outrage has run its course; Government corrected abnormalties

A defiant Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo defended the salary increases for government ministers and parliamentarians on Wednesday, while brushing aside continued criticism of the move. The Prime Minister took over the post-cabinet press briefing on Wednesday afternoon and justified the increases that have been criticized by trade unions, political commentators, the opposition and even supporters […]

PPP Members of Parliament turn down salary increases and want govt. to reverse increases for Ministers also

The opposition People’s Progressive Party has announced that its Members of Parliament will not be accepting the salary increases as approved by the government. In a statement last evening, the PPP which holds the minority in the National Assembly, also announced that it intends to move a motion in the House seeking to reverse the […]

PPP still to decide on whether its MPs will accept increases

While it has been welcoming criticism thrown at the government over its move to increase the salaries for government ministers and parliamentarians, the opposition People’s Progressive Party is still to decide whether its Members of Parliament will accept the increases. At a Monday morning press conference, PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee told reporters that the […]

Styrofoam ban comes in to effect from January 1, 2016

The Government of Guyana has announced that it is moving ahead with plans to ban the importation and use of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, popularly known by the trade mark brand, Styrofoam, as of January 1, 2016. A move was made to ban the styrofoam containers under the previous government but that was put on […]

Firearm Amnesty ends after netting 186 guns

The Guyana Police Force has announced that the just concluded six-week gun amnesty has ended and 186 illegal guns were handed over to the police along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The amnesty ended on October 14 and the Police Force has hailed it as a success. None of the weapons that were collected […]