Book store owner killed in early morning accident

Book store owner killed in early morning accident

Tragedy struck early on Friday morning for the Boodhoo Family of Third Street Alberttown when 65-year-old Bholan Boodhoo was killed after being hit by a GPL contract mini bus on the JB Singh Road, while jogging. The accident took place just after 5 o’ clock.

The man’s body was dragged for several yards and he died on the spot. A woman who was also exercising along the same road was also hit by the bus and is nursing injuries at a city hospital.

Boodhoo was an economist who worked for a number of years with the State Planning Secretariat. He was also the Proprietor of the Horizon Book shop in Alberttown.

According to relatives, he would usually leave home between 4:30 and 5 am every day for his early morning jog and walk as part of an exercise routine. Family members and friends were shocked by his death.

The driver of the bus has been taken into custody. An investigation is underway.

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