Wismar Post Office robbed of Pensioners money

Wismar Post Office robbed of Pensioners money

A police constable was relieved of  his weapon as robbers attacked the Wismar Post Office at Linden early on Monday morning. The brazen robbery took place just after the Post Office opened it’s doors around 8 o’ clock.

The Police Constable and the Post Master were both assaulted as two armed men carted off millions of dollars in Government pension payments. Police Quick Reaction have spread out across the Linden community in search of the two men. Residents in the Wisroc, Silvertown and Half Mile areas have reported seeing increased police presence.

Pensioners are usually paid at the end of every month but there was a delay nationally in the payments for the month of May and money was only released on Friday for payments to begin on Tuesday June 4.

A Police Source at Linden said the men must have been well aware of that delay and aware too of the time the money would have been arriving at the Post Office. This is not the first time that the post office was attacked and robbed of money meant to pay out to pensioners. Back in 2009, there was a similar robbery. Over $7 Million was carted off at that time.

 Police investigators have interviewed the Post Master and Police security who were on duty and other staff members of the Post Office are to be questioned.

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