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18-year-old remanded to prison over Mash day robbery

Eighteen-year-old Campbellville resident, Shawn Smith was remanded to prison on Monday after being charged for robbing a Mashramani parade spectator of a mobile phone and other items amounting to $258,000. Smith appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and the charge was read to him. The Court was told that during the […]

“Whistle” Charged for Privilege nightclub shooting

Former murder accused, Leon Duncan aka “Whistle”, was today remanded to prison for the shooting incident that took place in the Privilege nightclub, injuring two persons. Today he was charged with attempted murder and discharging a loaded firearm. The Prosecution’s case is that “Whistle” was approached by three individuals in the club and an altercation […]

Queenstown man granted bail on land sale fraud charge

Sixty-two year old Queenstown resident, Harry Baptiste was placed on $200,000 bail on Tuesday after being charged in a $2 million fraud case. Baptiste appeared before the Chief Magistrate and the charge was read to him. The Prosecution’s case is that he collected $2 million in cash from Audrey Mootoosammy, as payment for the purchase […]

Guyanese man busted with cocaine in shoes at JFK Airport

He may have been able to walk away from Guyanese Law Enforcement without being noticed, but a Guyanese national is now facing drug trafficking charges in the United States after he was busted on February 9, 2017 with four pounds of cocaine stashed in the false bottoms of his shoes. According to the U.S Customs […]

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