Fireside Suites opens in Newtown, Kitty

Promising a higher standard of service for less, the new Fireside Suites will be opening its doors on Saturday at 154 Garnett Street in Kitty. The new boutique hotel with its 14 self-contained rooms is catering for the business traveler and holiday seeker who is looking for all of the modern conveniences in the heart […]

Harmon confident coalition will resolve AFC Region 4 Councilors No-confidence move

Opposition Leader Joe Harmon has poured cold water on the two no-confidence motions brought by members of the Alliance For Change against the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Region Four, who are both APNU members.  The motions filed by the AFC members are seeking to remove their coalition partners, Chairman, Daniel Seeram and Vice-Chairman, Samuel […]

Eddy Grant issues cease and desist order to Trump over unauthorized use of “Electric Avenue”

Guyanese international music superstar, Eddy Grant has issued a cease and desist order to US President Donald Trump and his campaign over the unauthorized use of his hit, Electric Avenue in a campaign advertisement. The chart-topping song was released in 1983 and has remained popular since then. On Wednesday, the Trump campaign released a new […]

Covid-19: Police Force halts processing of applications for public events and parties

With nationwide efforts to guard against the coronavirus, the Guyana Police Force has announced that it will not be processing applications for public events, including Barbecue permits, fairs, and parties. The move by the Police Force is part of the efforts by the Health authorities to dissuade large gatherings and assemblies. The Police Force has […]

Natural Resources Ministry unveils Mash Band

As Guyana celebrates 50 years as a Republic, the Ministry of Natural Resources today launched its Mash Band for 2020. Under the theme “Guyana Rising, The Potential of Eco-Friendly Mining” the launch at the Sophia Exhibition Site, showcased the Ministry’s costumes that its revelers will be wearing on the road on Mashramani day. The Public […]

Close to 40 events and activities on Mashramani Calendar

The Department of Culture and the Mashramani Secretariat have assured that plans are moving apace with the hosting of festivities related to Mashramani 2019. At a Monday morning press conference, Mash Coordinator, Andrew Tyndall, revealed that some of the Mashramani activities have already started in various parts of the country. “We have a total of […]

Guyana has to move away from supply driven approach to tourism development – Tourism Director

Moving into the new year, Guyana will continue to market its tourism product to the international community.  The country has seen an increased number of arrivals over the past year and that number is expected to significantly rise as more airlines sign on to serve the Guyana market. The Tourism Authority is expected to tie […]

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