Guyana will import skills to oversee critical aspects of oil sector – President Ali

As Guyana gets ready to celebrate two years as an oil-producing nation, President Irfaan today told a virtual Harvard Business School workshop that the government is working overtime to put systems in place to hold oil companies accountable. During the question and answer segment of the virtual forum, the President admitted that Guyana currently does […]

Deputy Speaker roasts Government for failing to consult Amerindians on various issues

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Leader of the Liberty and Justice Party Lennox Shuman is hitting out at the government again, this time over the lack of consultation with indigenous leaders. Shuman’s latest criticism of the government stems from an agreement that the government signed with a Canadian-based gold company for prospecting […]

Decline in fish catch being analyzed

The Government of Guyana with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s local office and the Environmental Protection Agency have started a probe into the decline in the fish catch locally. Local fishermen have been complaining about a sudden decline in their catch and the impact it continues to have on their livelihoods. The Food […]

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