Unladen and fully laden trucks still prevented from crossing Harbour Bridge at this time

Repair works are still ongoing at the Demerara Harbour Bridge following that Monday morning accident involving a barge and tug. The bridge remains open to light vehicular traffic. In an update today, the management of the bridge indicated that laden and unladen trucks are still being prevented from crossing the bridge, as the repair works […]

Gunraj complains “GECOM no way close to decisions on holding elections”

Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission, Sase Gunraj, described today’s statutory meeting of the Commission as another “wasted day with wasted discussions”. The Opposition nominated member of the Commission said based on the discussions that took place today, the Elections Commission is a far way from holding discussions on the actual holding of elections. “We […]

Harbour Bridge to reopen to light vehicular traffic from 6pm today

Management at the Demerara Harbour Bridge has announced that sufficient repair works have been completed that would allow the bridge to be reopened to light vehicles including cars, mini-buses, bikes and motorcycles. The bridge should be opened to other types of vehicles later this week as other assessments are completed. Bridge General Manager Rawlston Adams […]

Over 370,000 persons registered during H2H exercise

The Guyana Elections Commission has revealed that over 370,000 persons were registered during the house-to-house registration exercise which ended on Saturday. GECOM ‘s Public Relations Officer Yolanda Warde told News Source today that the number currently stands at 370, 740 and could inch upwards marginally as information is reconciled. As the Elections Commission prepares for […]

River taxis to operate until 10 pm as Demerara Harbour Bridge remains closed

The Maritime Administration has given approval for speedboats traversing the Demerara River between Stabroek and Vreed-en-hoop to operate until 10 o’ clock tonight. The move comes as repair works are ongoing to the Demerara Harbour bridge following this morning’s accident involving a tug and barge. At a press conference this afternoon, Minister of Public Infrastructure, […]

Man found murdered in Haslington

Police investigators moved into the Haslington area this morning on the East Coast of Demerara after the body of a man was found in a trench in the community. The dead man has been identified as 58-year-old David Gentle of Haslington. According to the Police, based on information, Gentle was last seen alive around 1:30 […]