GPHC seeking to locate relatives of abandoned patients

GPHC seeking to locate relatives of abandoned patients

The Georgetown Hospital is seeking to locate the relatives of a number of patients who have been discharged, but continue to be housed in the wards of the hospital since no one has returned to pick them up.

The majority of the patients are elderly persons.

In a statement, the GPHC said it has observed the trend in the occupancy of bed space within its facilities by persons who have already been discharged after completing treatment.

The hospital said over recent months, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of patients who continue to remain in hospital beds due to their families failing to collect them.

The Hospital said the issue is impacting the efficient functioning of both the GPHC and the Infectious Disease Hospital, as bed space remains a critical resource for patients in need of medical attention.

The continued presence of the abandoned patients has prompted the hospital’s administration to take action. The GPHC said while it remains committed to providing care to all patients, the prolonged occupation of beds by individuals who are medically fit for discharge is straining the hospital’s resources and affecting its ability to accommodate new patients.

The GPHC’s administration is appealing to the families and relatives of the individuals to promptly make arrangements for their loved ones to be uplifted from the hospital.

The hospital has released a list of 27 persons who remain housed at the hospital even after their discharge. The youngest person on the list is 21-years-old, while the oldest has been listed as 89-years-old.

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