GPHC and Gift of Life conduct Pediatric cardiac surgeries

GPHC and Gift of Life conduct Pediatric cardiac surgeries

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and Gift of Life International (GOLI) held their second Pediatric Cardiac Mission for the year recently, which saw ten young patients between the ages of 8-months to 16-years-old undergoing complex cardiac surgeries, representing some of the most intricate cases the collaborative medical team has ever encountered.

In a release, the GPHC said over the last week, the procedures undertaken were highly technical and were deemed a major success despite the death of one of the patients.

“While the challenges were immense, the majority of patients are celebrating successful outcomes. Regrettably, the youngest patient faced complications post-surgery and did not survive. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family during this profoundly difficult time,” the GPHC said in a statement.

The hospital said the remaining nine patients are recovering well and are receiving post-operative care, that is being provided by physicians and nurses from the GPHC and the international team.

So far, the hospital said seven patients have been successfully discharged, highlighting the success of the mission while two more patients are expected to be discharged shortly. 

In addition the GPHC said 20 of its nurses have completed the Congenital Heart Disease Training curriculum in collaboration with the overseas mission. 

The GPHC said it remains committed with its international partners in advancing pediatric cardiac care, fostering professional development, and providing hope for children in need. 

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