ExxonMobil breaks silence on audit controversy

The ExxonMobil company broke its silence this afternoon on the controversy that has erupted over the cost oil audits and Exxon’s recoverable expenses. In a one-page statement today, the company said it has forwarded documents and responses to issues raised by the government in the draft audit report. According to Exxon, it has supplied responses […]

President orders Government Ministers and other officials to remove emergency sirens and flashing lights from vehicles

With rising complaints from citizens about the abuse of private vehicles being fitted with emergency sirens and flashing emergency lights, Government Ministers have been ordered to ensure the sirens and lights are removed from their vehicles. Other Government officials have also been told of the order. News Source understands that the issue was raised at […]

New Wing at East Ruimveldt Secondary School commissioned

The newly built Samuel B. Moffat Wing at the East Ruimveldt Secondary School was commissioned on Thursday. The $172.6 million block is a single flat building with a capacity to accommodate over 150 students. The new wing houses ten classrooms, the Deputy Headteacher’s office, a furnished Information Technology laboratory and a staff room.  In remarks […]

Surujbally seeks $100M from Government over acquisition of his land for gas to energy project; Govt. says his demand is unreasonable

Former Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally is seeking $100M for his plot of land which is being acquired by the State to facilitate the Gas-to-Energy Project. The Government has described the claim as simply “unreasonable.” Dr. Surujbally has taken the Government to Court over what he sees as its failure […]

Jagdeo announces Government probe of Petroleum Unit’s meeting with Exxon over audit

The Guyana Government, which has found itself in an embarrassing situation over the cost audits of the Exxon company, plans to launch an investigation into a meeting between ExxonMobil and staff attached to the Ministry of Natural Resources Petroleum Unit. The Vice President, Bharrat Jagdeo claims that the meeting was unauthorized. During a Press Conference […]

Norton calls for Region 4 Chairman Daniel Seeram to step down from office over domestic violence allegations

Opposition Leader and Leader of the People’s National Congress, Aubrey Norton, believes Region Four Chairman and Party Central Committee Executive Member, Daniel Seeram should step down from office, in wake of new allegations that he assaulted his wife. Seeram has not released any statement on the allegations, but the Police Force has confirmed that an […]

FAO launches drone project with GRDB for monitoring of rice cultivation

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations is supporting the Guyana Rice Development Board’s efforts to advance technology in the rice industry. A new project using drones to assist small farmers with their rice farming and monitoring has been launched.  The project forms part of China South-South Cooperation Programme. The project commenced with […]

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