Pompeo “instructs” State Dept. to ensure those undermining Guyana’s democracy are held accountable

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has declared that he has instructed his State Department to ensure that those persons undermining Guyana’s democracy are held accountable. He did not name the persons he believes are undermining democracy in Guyana and neither did he indicate what form of accountability he may be considering. The statement […]

PPP and TNM members file private criminal charges against Chief Election Officer

The People’s Progressive Party through its member Desmond Morian and The New Movement party through its candidate Daniel Josh Kanhai have filed private criminal charges against the Chief Election Officer of Guyana alleging fraud. The two separate charges against CEO Keith Lowenfield were filed yesterday and could come up for hearing as early as Friday. […]

PPP blasts Lowenfield’s actions to invalidate votes as “criminal”

The People’s Progressive Party this afternoon described the Chief Elections Officer’s decision to discard more than 115,000 votes, deeming them not to be valid and credible as criminal, adding that his move is a public attempt at elections rigging. On the heels of a flurry of releases from various international organisations calling for a declaration […]

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee call for Elections Declaration despite Court orders; Wants President to concede

Leading members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee today issued a call for the authorities in Guyana to begin a democratic transition of power that reflects the results of the March 2nd general and regional elections: In a statement issued through the local US Embassy, the Senators said nearly four months since the elections, […]

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