Linden contractor now charged for murder of Police Officer

The charge against Linden businessman Fawazz McRae has now been upgraded to murder, following the death of Police Sergeant, Jermaine Semple. Semple was laid to rest on Tuesday. The businessman, who is his cousin, had initially faced a charge of attempted murder, as the Police man remain hospitalised. However, he never recovered and passed away […]

17-year-old in custody for murder of Port Kaituma Porknocker

Police investigators in Port Kaituma in Region One, have detained a 17-year-old youth from the village, who is accused of murdering a 21-year-old porknocker from the same community. The porknocker’s body was found at the side of the roadway near his home with blood oozing from his head early this morning. Persons in the area […]

Charlestown man remanded for murder of grandmother

The Charlestown man, who told Police investigators that he panicked after accidentally hitting his grandmother across the head resulting in her death, and later dumping her body in an empty lot, was today charged with the elderly woman’s murder and remanded to jail. The 27-year-old Charlestown resident, Yonnic Gilpin, appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly today […]

Linden man shot dead by Police during reported armed confrontation

A police operation in Wisroc, Linden has left one man dead and another injured. The dead man has been identified as Randy Jerome. Jerome‚Äôs associate, Ronaldo Chapman, was reportedly injured during the incident, and is currently receiving treatment at the Linden Hospital Complex under police guard. Region 10 Divisional Commander, Hugh Winter, when contacted by […]

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