Caribbean Airlines to offer schedule services to Puerto Rico

Caribbean Airlines to offer schedule services to Puerto Rico

Regional carrier, Caribbean Airlines, has announced that it has been granted approval to begin schedule services to Puerto Rico.

In a statement, the airline said the new service is expected to begin on the 14th July and the Puerto Rico flights will originate in Trinidad with connections from other Caribbean Airlines destinations, including Guyana.

The airline said the strategic addition will see the operation of flights three times per week three (3) times per week, and cargo services will also be available on the flights.

The airline said the expansion aligns with its broader growth strategy and underscores its commitment to providing enhanced connectivity within the Caribbean.

The new route is designed to strengthen links between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, facilitating increased business and tourism opportunities, the airline noted.

CEO of Caribbean Airlines, Garvin Medera, said the company is excited to expand its passenger and cargo services to San Juan, Puerto Rico, as part of the ongoing effort to better connect the Caribbean.

He said the move is crucial to the airline’s growth strategy and represents its commitment to offering customers convenient and reliable travel and trade options.

The Puerto Rican Government said it is delighted to welcome Caribbean Airlines to Puerto Rico, and it believes the new route will increase airlift options in the region, providing greater opportunities for tourism, trade, and cultural exchange.

The Government of Puerto Rico has pledged its support to Caribbean Airlines and said it looks forward to a successful partnership that benefits the market, travelers, and the airline’s expansion roadmap.

The addition of the new route to San Juan, Puerto Rico is part of Caribbean Airlines’ continuous effort to provide reliable and convenient air travel and cargo options within the Caribbean, the airline said.

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