President hopes to announce elections date tonight

When President David Granger addresses the nation this evening, he hopes to announce a date for upcoming elections. Speaking to members of the media this morning, the President said he has accepted the timeline put forward by the Chairman of the Elections Commission, but he has asked for additional details with regard to GECOM’s readiness. […]

GECOM set to begin Claims and Objections from October 1

As the Guyana Elections Commission prepares for general and regional elections in the new year, the Commission will begin the claims and objections period from the 1st October. It will likely run over into the month of November. Commissioner Robeson Benn wanted a shorter period for claims and objections. The decision was taken at today’s […]

Commonwealth calls on President to set date for elections and “restore Constitutional rule”

The Commonwealth group of countries has joined the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union in calling on President David Granger to set a date for elections now that the Elections Commission has indicated that it will be ready by the end of February 2020. In an early morning statement, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, […]

AFC calls on PPP to return to Parliament for two-thirds extension vote in light of GECOM timeline

The Alliance For Change believes that now that the Chair of the Guyana Elections Commission has pronounced on a timeline for elections, the Opposition PPP should return to the Parliament to extend the life of the government. The Constitution of Guyana calls for elections to take place three months after the passage of a no-confidence […]

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