December begins with two deaths on country’s roadways

Two persons have lost their lives on the country’s roadways on the first day of December. Last evening, 45-year-old Shondell Sparrock, was crushed by a truck as she ran across the busy four-lane road at Peter’s Hall, close to the Demerara Harbour Bridge turn. The incident occurred around 6:30pm.  A Police report said the truck was […]

Magistrate orders extradition of US Fugitive, Troy Thomas

Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs today ruled that enough evidence has been presented to the Court for the extradition of US fugitive, Troy Thomas, and his extradition has been ordered. In the ruling, the Magistrate said that the Court has seen enough evidence for him to be extradited to the United States to face trial for a […]

Guyanese hotel owner, Shervington “Big Head” Lovell extradited to US from Jamaica to face drug charges

Owner of the Hotel Tower and suspected drug kingpin, Shervington Lovell aka “Big Head” has been extradited from Jamaica to the United States, according to well placed local law enforcement agents. The extradition took place this morning. He was arrested in Jamaica back in October for suspected drug trafficking and money laundering. Two other persons, […]

Former Housing Minister facing multiple fraud charges over sale of Government lands; Granted self bail

Former Minister of Housing and Water under the People’s Progressive Party government, Irfaan Ali, has been slapped with several charges related to the sale of government lands to PPP government officials and the development of the same lands to accommodate them. He was arrested at his home this morning by agents of the Special Organised […]