Prison Service to offer cash incentives to Prison Officers who provide info on corruption by other officers

The Acting Director of the Guyana Prison Service, Gladwin Samuels today announced that the Prison Service has decided to start rewarding those prison officers who speak out against corruption  and other illegalities being committed by officers in the prison service. Mr. Samuels announced today that those officers who come forward with details that could result […]

Albouystown man charged for marijuana possession and attempting to bribe a Police officer

27-year-old, Albouystown Resident, Christopher Gonsalves, who allegedly attempted to bribe a Police sergeant to evade a drug trafficking charge, found himself before the Court today facing not just the drug trafficking charge, but also a bribery charge.  Gonsalves appeared before Principal Magistrate, Judy Latchman and with a smile on his face, he denied the allegations […]

GTT has capacity to accomodate Digicel’s data needs -GTT CEO Justin Nedd

With Digicel Guyana facing some data connectivity issues since the Surinamese authorities discontinued an unauthorized bypass connection with Digicel Suriname, local telecommunications provider, GTT is assuring that it has the capacity to accommodate the Digicel data needs. ‘ Earlier this year, GTT had complained about the move by Digicel to bypass the Guyana network and […]

Police probing murder of Bonfim man in Lethem

Police investigators in the Lethem area are probing the murder of a 22-year-old Guyanese man in the town. The dead man has been identified as Morgan Gonsalves. He is Guyanese national, but lives in the neighbouring Bonfim area in Brazil. According to a Police statement, the man left his home in Brazil on Saturday night […]

Guyanese money jet pilot convicted of cocaine smuggling

The US based Guyanese private jet pilot, who had pleaded guilty to bulk cash smuggling into the United States, has now been convicted on drug trafficking charges. Two years ago, the man, Khamraj Lall was charged by US authorities for being in possession with intent to distribute cocaine and importation of cocaine into the United States. […]

GECOM Chairman calls out “designs and machinations” to stymie hosting of LGE

A clearly incensed and frustrated Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, today complained that the Elections Commission has found itself facing “designs and machinations to stymie the operation and coming into force, the coming elections”. GECOM Chairman, Justice James Patterson, told reporters at a press conference today that there is “mischief afoot internal and as […]