Guyanese shout “not one blue sackie” at UN protest against Venezuela at

Over 70 Guyanese nationals gathered outside the United Nations headquarters on Tuesday morning in support of President David Granger and his government’s position against the Venezuela’s claim to Guyana’s territory. Chanting the words of Dave Martin’s “Not a Blade of Grass”, the protesters made known their objections to Venezuela’s claim. Well known Guyanese designer Roger […]

Commonwealth Ministerial Group stands firm behind Guyana in Venezuela border row

The Commonwealth Ministerial Group on Guyana today reiterated the unequivocal and collective support of Commonwealth member governments for the maintenance and preservation of Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial borders, in accordance with the 1899 Arbitral Award, the upholding of the rule of international law, and the resolution of conflict and differences by peaceful means. The Group […]

President Granger and President Maduro meet as UN tries to ease the tension

by Gordon Moseley at the United Nations in New York President David Granger and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sat down with UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon on Sunday evening for UN facilitated talks as Guyana continues to complain about Venezuela’s ongoing threats and claim to Guyana’s territory. Both Leaders appeared serious as they headed into the […]

Guyana seeks Cuba’s help in border controversy row with Venezuela

Cuba remains one of the closest allies of Venezuela but despite that, President David Granger on Sunday still sought the help of the communist country to stave off Venezuela’s aggression in the border controversy with Guyana. President Granger and Cuban President, Raul Castro held bilateral discussions at the United Nations headquarters in New York on […]

Haitians and others refused entry after arriving with no visas and insufficient funds

Guyanese Immigration Officers have refused entry to several foreign nationals attempting to enter the country over the last week without proper documentation and visas. Speaking to media operatives on Friday, Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix reported that on September 23, some seven Haitians attempted to enter Guyana but were turned away. He explained that this was […]