Commonwealth, OAS and CARICOM call on Venezuela to respect ICJ’s Ruling on Provisional Measures

Commonwealth, OAS and CARICOM call on Venezuela to respect ICJ’s Ruling on Provisional Measures

The International community is reacting to the decision of the International Court of Justice to grant provisional measures in Guyana’s case against Venezuela.

The Court has ordered Venezuela to refrain from any action on Guyana’s Essequibo region.     

In a statement this afternoon, the 56-nation Commonwealth still raised concern about the upcoming Venezuelan referendum on Guyana’s Essequibo region.

According to The Commonwealth, there should be respect for national territorial sovereignty, international law, global order, peace and security and cordial international relations in the Caribbean and the Latin American region.

The Commonwealth issued a call on all members of the United Nations to encourage the parties to respect the integrity, sanctity and binding nature of the decisions of the ICJ in the matter and the provisional measures under Article 41 of the Statute of the ICJ that have binding effect and create international legal obligations for parties.

The Commonwealth unequivocally condemns any action likely to breach the peace in the region. The regional body, CARICOM, in its statement said the Court’s Order prohibits Venezuela from taking such a measure, or any other measure that would change the status quo in the territory, regardless of the outcome of the Venezuelan referendum on Sunday. 

The Head of the Organisation of American States, said the OAS considers the decision by the ICJ as fundamental in requesting Venezuela to refrain from all provocative, warmongering, and illegal actions that encroach on the established boundaries of Guyana’s territory. The Court’s decision is binding & must be respected by the Venezuelan regime, the oas said.

CARICOM noted that Venezuela cannot by a referendum, or otherwise, violate International Law and disregard the Order of the world’s highest Court.

CARICOM said it expects Venezuela to uphold the ICJ’s Order and it also insists that Venezuela complies with International Law in all respects, and the Charter of the United Nations, and, in this connection, calls on it to take no actions in violation of them.  

CARICOM reminded that the Venezuela-Guyana controversy is properly before the ICJ by the decision of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for ‘final settlement’, pursuant to the provisions of the 1966 Geneva Agreement to which both Venezuela and Guyana are bound. CARICOM demands that Venezuela pursue its claims within the law and the legal process.  

CARICOM said it demands that the Caribbean be respected as a Zone of Peace and that nothing should be done to disrupt the tranquility of the Region

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