Prime Minister blasts GRA Commissioner General for lack of professionalism

Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Khurshid Sattaur has been sternly criticized for his “lack of professionalism” in handling the country’s tax affairs by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. During a Sunday morning interview on the local radio programme “Hard Talk”, The Prime Minister stayed clear of recommending Sattaur’s dismissal but reasoned that the […]

Kwayana concerned about wrapping up of Walter Rodney CoI

Former Guyanese politician and historian Eusi Kwayana has raised concern about the move by the new APNU+AFC government to have the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry complete its work in one more sitting. He had described the decision as “disquieting”. In a letter which was carried in Saturday’s Stabroek News, Mr. Kwayana who appeared before […]

Anti Money Laundering Bill for next Parliamentary Sitting

The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) (Amendment) Bill, and issues surrounding this critical legislation featured during a discussion between Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General Basil Williams and United States Charge´ d´Affaires Bryan Hunt. The Attorney General said that the government is working towards laying the bill in the National Assembly […]

Criminal investigation underway as evidence of Public Service Ministry vehicle fraud surfaces

Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Friday confirmed reports of fraud at the former Ministry of Public Service which involves the Chief Personnel Officer Margaret Cummings and others. Harmon confirmed that Cummings was caught attempting to fraudulently transfer a total of eight state vehicles to private citizens including former Minister Jennifer Westford and her spouse, […]

Fired NCN Editors deny financial impropriety and believe dismissals are politically motivated

The two news editors who were fired from the state-owned National Communications Network are fighting back this morning and have accused NCN of firing them for their perceived political affiliation. In a statement, the former NCN staffers Edward Layne and Adele Rampersaud said “we wish to categorically reject these claims which bear no truth and […]

Two Senior staffers at Public Service Ministry sent home after attempt to transfer government vehicles

Two senior staffers at the Ministry of Public Service have been sent on leave after they attempted to transfer a number of government vehicles to private individuals including a former minister and her spouse. Police investigators have been called in to probe the alleged fraud after documents were found with forged signatures seeking to have […]

PPP calls on government to urgently pass Anti-money laundering bill as it continues to stay away from parliament

The opposition People’s Progressive Party is pleading with the new APNU+AFC government to ensure Guyana enacts, earliest, amended Anti – Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing legislation, lest the country is exposed to more international pressure. The call comes at a time when the PPP continues to reject its demotion to opposition status, after 23 years in […]

Government releases $3.8 Billion bailout for Guysuco

The new government continues to be confronted with the challenges of inheriting a cash strapped and “poorly managed” sugar industry. On Tuesday, during a Cabinet meeting, the government agreed to immediately release a total of $3.8 billion as a bail out for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). Minister of State Joseph Harmon confirmed the approval […]