UG probing alleged recorded statements of part-time lecturer

UG probing alleged recorded statements of part-time lecturer

The University of Guyana has announced that it has launched an investigation into alleged statements made by a part-time lecturer during a classroom session.

Declaring that it is appalled by the “inappropriate” conversation which has been making the rounds on social media, the University said the evidence and the circumstances surrounding the conversation are now being investigated by the Department of Law.

Although the matter is under probe, the University said the type of behaviour is unacceptable and is against the University’s policies, principles and culture.

The recorded conversation is believed to have taken place in a law class and the part-time lecturer being referred to is Attorney and Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram.

During the recoding, a voice believed to be that of Christopher Ram, could be heard making references to the conduct of the Elections Commission of Inquiry and the Mahdia Commission of Inquiry, as well as the conduct of officials.

The University said the matter will be addressed to the full extent of its authority.

The University also said it finds it deeply regrettable that the matter first found its way into the public domain rather than through the internal channels which would have made the investigation and any disciplinary actions much quicker.

The matter was first thrown into the public space by business consultant, Joel Bhagwandin, who Christopher Ram recently called out for several questionable statements on various economic and accounting matters.

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