Guyanese Critic served with $1.2 Billion lawsuit filed by Nazar and Azruddin Mohamed; Judge issues gag order

Guyanese Critic served with $1.2 Billion lawsuit filed by Nazar and Azruddin Mohamed; Judge issues gag order

Businessmen Nazar Mohamed and Azruddin Mohamed have slapped social media commentator turned contractor, Mikhail Rodrigues also known as “Guyanese Critic” and his company “They Break News” with a $1.2 Billion defamation suit.

In the two lawsuits, the Mohameds claim that Rodrigues at various times in February and March this year during his morning programme defamed both the father and his son.

It was explained that in the case of the father, Rodrigues played several voice notes of him on his live online programme and later made derogatory remarks against him. 

The senior Mohamed is offended by multiple statements made by Rodrigues during his talk show but particularly took umbrage to Rodrigues insinuating that he is a criminal. 

Mr. Mohamed also submitted to the Court that Rodrigues made statements to the effect that his family was financing the teachers protest back in February.

According to the businessman, Rodrigues in another programme in March, told his audience that the Mohameds destroyed many lives.

He said he is also offended other statements made by Rodrigues.

Through his Attorneys, Rajendra Poonai, Sohan Poonai and Naresh Poonai, Mohamed in his application said that the statements made by Rodrigues have the potential for persons in society to view him and his family a certain way, particularly because he has been a businessman for many years.

Mohamed said the words offered by Rodrigues are wholly untrue, disingenuous, unfounded, dangerous and unsubstantiated. 

Similar claims were made by the younger Mohamed in his case.

The feud between the “Guyanese Critic” and the Mohameds has been ongoing for months, with Critic declaring that he has nothing to fear and it will be business as usual.

Critic who was friends with the younger Mohamed, has denied earlier defamation accusations levelled against him by the family. 

Only yesterday, High Court Judge, Justice Navindra Singh, issued a gag order barring the “Guyanese Critic” from repeating accusations and defamatory remarks he publicly made against the family.

 The ‘Guyanese Critic‘ is already facing a $450M lawsuit from a former Government Minister Simona Broomes over defamation and libel, as well as a $200M lawsuit from Political Activist, Mark Benschop for similar claims.

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