Walton-Desir ready to accept nominations for top PNC Reform positions

Walton-Desir ready to accept nominations for top PNC Reform positions

Following today’s announcement by the PNC Reform Leader, Aubrey Norton, of the dates for the party’s congress and elections, Party Executive and Member of Parliament, Amanza Walton-Desir has officially indicated her readiness to accept nominations for the position of party leader and other top party positions.

Speaking to News Source today, Ms. Walton-Desir, who is also an Attorney, said she had long been approached by a number of groups within the PNCR, to run for key positions within the party, and she intends to do so, once nominated. 

“The short answer is yes – once nominated I will run. A number of groups have reached out to me asking me to consider running, and then I have responded to them today, in the affirmative now that we know we will be having a congress at the end of June,” she said. 

Currently, Walton-Desir sits on the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the PNCR, and according to her, she is willing to run for a number of positions in the party.

“I think the state of our country, and the point we are at as a party requires that if your members see a certain ability in you and they honour that by way of a nomination, that is something that has to be taken seriously,” Walton-Desir said. 

She said in the coming days, she will continue to meet with the various groups within the PNCR, even as the party finalizes the administrative arrangements for the much-anticipated congress. 

She anticipates that it will be a well-run congress that would unite the party even more ahead of the 2025 General and Regional Elections. 

“This is not really a one man or one woman show, it has to be a team effort, and so I look forward to a well-run congress, I look forward to us coming together after that, and reclaiming government come 2025,” she said. 

PNC Reform Leader, Aubrey Norton, has signaled his desire to seek re-election.

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