UNICOMER still awaiting approvals to start construction of Mega Complex Facility

UNICOMER still awaiting approvals to start construction of Mega Complex Facility

Almost one year after Unicomer Guyana announced its intention to construct a 50,000 square foot $60B multi-complex facility at Farm, on the East Bank Demerara, the company has not yet received full approval for construction to begin. However, plans are afoot to forge ahead with construction of the facilities when the approval is granted.

The commercial investment project was scheduled to break ground in May 2023, following the necessary regulatory and governmental approvals. The project was slated to be completed by 2025, but with the delay of almost one year, the timeline has shifted.

During an interview with News Source, the Managing Director of Unicomer Guyana, Vincent Gordon said he is confident that approvals will be granted soon and that the company will start construction of the River Place complex. 

“In terms of the River Place which is our commercial complex and mega store, it will be a natural improvement in terms of the services that we are offering as well as a shopping experience that we have been offering in Guyana. So, this is a natural next step from our megastore in Main street, and so we decided that it is time to give Guyana the best furniture and appliance store they have ever seen, and that is what we are doing at River Place and then we say we want to make it into an experience so we decided to make into a commercial complex,” Mr. Gordon said.

When completed, the Commercial complex which will be along the river bank, will be anchored by a Courts Mega Store and an Ashley Homestore, as well as 44 other local and international retail stores.

These stores will be complemented by a gym, as well as restaurants and eateries from local and international brands.

The company is also looking to partner with an international hotel to bring a new hotel brand to Guyana.

Meanwhile, UNICOMER is also constructing a $50 billion Logistics Park in Houston, on the East Bank, and has already broken ground for the construction of that park.

The logistics park is expected to modernize the company’s supply chain management process and allow for similar arrangements to be extended to other companies in the region.

When completed, the Logistics Park will also house a 250,000 square foot Logistics and Distribution Center.

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