Dharamlall resigns as Minister and Member of Parliament

Dharamlall resigns as Minister and Member of Parliament

President Irfaan Ali has announced that his embattled Minister of Local Government, Nigel Dharamlall has tendered his resignation as a Minister and a Member of Parliament, and he has accepted the resignation.

Dharamlall had been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage schoolgirl. He had denied the allegation.

The announcement of Dharamlall’s resignation came hours after the Police indicated that it was advised by the Director of Public Prosecutions to no longer pursue the rape allegations against the Minister since the complainant has indicated that she no longer wishes to continue the matter.

In announcing the resignation of Mr. Dharamlall as a Government Minister and Member of Parliament, President Ali said Dharamlall indicated that he was resigning in the interest of the government, since he did not want to bring the government into disrepute.

“He has also advised that these allegations have affected him personally and as such, he has offered to resign as minister and as a Member of Parliament. I’ve, therefore, accepted his resignation as a Cabinet Member and a Member of Parliament. Nigel Dharamlall has committed to me that he will continue to support and be a member of the People’s Progressive Party and also be supportive of the government”, President Ali said.

The President said he never intervened in the matter since he wanted to allow the system to work.

The Government has been under heavy criticism from the APNU Opposition and a number of other groups and non-governmental organisations, over its treatment of matter.

The teenage girl who filed the rape complaint against the Minister was holding on to her statement and the complaint, until the DPP requested the Police to conduct additional investigations, and the teen reportedly complained of having to face questions again about the alleged sexual assault and rape that she claimed took place at the Minister’s house back in December.

Once she informed the Police that she no longer wanted action to be taken in the matter, the Police file was resent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the DPP advised that since the complainant was withdrawing from the case, there was no legal basis for the case to continue.

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