Youth files $96M lawsuit against State over wrongful arrest and detention

Youth files $96M lawsuit against State over wrongful arrest and detention

A 22-year-old man of Kuru Kururu on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, who was wrongfully arrested and jailed for 80 days, has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the State as compensation for his wrongful detention.

On the 10th June last year, 22-year-old Terrence Sandy, was walking home when he was approached by a Police Van and questioned by the Police about whether his name was Ceasar.

The youth answered in the negative, but was still arrested and taken to the Timehri Police Station.

In his complaint, he said he was later taken to the Madewini Police Station and held in custody without being provided with any information about the reason behind his arrest and detention.

The man said he remained in custody until he was taken to the Diamond Magistrates’ Court where he was charged for break and entry and larceny. He did not have any Attorney at his side, and was remanded to jail immediately.

He was later transferred to the Lusignan jail, and it was during that time that his family secured the services of the Dexter Todd Law Firm.

Attorney Todd explained that when his office examined the Police file on the man’s arrest and charges, it was discovered that there was no evidence linking him to the crime and he was never identified by the victim as the perpetrator.

“The simplest of investigation and due diligence would have been sufficient to prove that Mr. Sandy was in no way involved in the committal of the offence and that the police had the wrong person. Nevertheless, the Guyana Police Force proceeded with their unlawful arrest and subsequently pressed criminal charges, tarnishing Mr. Sandy’s reputation with a baseless accusation,” Attorney Todd stated. 

The Attorney said when his Law office wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions on July 18, last year requesting that she reviews the file and withdraw the charges against Mr. Sandy, it was discovered that the file was never sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice before the charges were instituted against Mr. Sandy.  

Todd said after multiple delays by the Police, the file was eventually sent to the DPP who ordered that the charges be withdrawn.

“In a fitting response to this gross miscarriage of justice, Mr. Sandy, through his legal representatives at Dexter Todd and Associates Law Firm, has initiated legal action against the State. Seeking justice for the immense damage caused, Mr. Sandy is pursuing compensation in excess of ninety-six million dollars ($96,000,000) for his unlawful arrest, unwarranted detention, unjust imprisonment, and malicious prosecution,” Todd Chambers noted.

The state is facing a number of similar lawsuits for wrongful arrest and detention.

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