Africo Selman resigns from PNC Reform

Africo Selman resigns from PNC Reform

After serving as a Member of Parliament for eight years, Africo Selman has resigned from the People’s National Congress Reform. It is widely believed that she may be switching sides for a position with the governing People’s Progressive Party.

Selman tendered her resignation to the party recently and indicated to the Speaker of the National Assembly on Friday that she was also resigning on the eve of the dissolution of the Parliament. The reasons behind her resignation are unknown.

General Secretary of the PNC Reform, Oscar Clarke did not appear too surprised by the resignation on Friday when contacted  by News Source. He said it is the elections season and in the run up to  the elections, it is expected that you might see a lot of persons on both sides switching sides.

Many senior members of the PNCR and A Partnership for National Unity said they were not surprised by her decision to leave the party. One member said the party became worried about Selman in the during the last parliamentary session after she became cozy with a number of members on the government side of the House. She has also been reducing her appearances with the opposition party over the past few months.

She first became a member of the National Assembly following the 2006 elections. She served out that entire term and returned to the National Assembly with the APNU following the 2011 elections. The PNC Reform makes up the largest part of the APNU.

Selman has always maintained a quiet demeanor in and out of the National Assembly. During her eight years as a Member of Parliament, she delivered eleven speeches and asked eight questions.

She served on the Constitutional Reform Committee of the National Assembly and was a Region 4 representative for the APNU.

Filed: 28th February, 2015

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