APNU still undecided on Backer’s replacement in Parliament.

APNU still undecided on Backer’s replacement in Parliament.

Leader of the Opposition and A Partnership for National Unity, David Granger on Friday confirmed that he has received the resignation letter of Deborah Backer as a Member of Parliament. He announced that the party is expected to meet over the weekend to decide on a replacement in the National Assembly for her.

Ms. Backer also served as the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. Her letter of resignation has since been forwarded to the Speaker and Clerk of the National Assembly. The resignation takes effect from Friday 7th February, 2014.

Though, the letter of resignation does not address the reasons for her decision, multiple sources have indicated to News Source that Ms. Backer has been asked by her doctors to pay closer attention to her health and slow down her daily routine as she is being treated for an illness and recovers from that illness.

Mr. Granger said since Ms. Backer represented the People’s National Congress in the APNU, her replacement will come from that party, adding that the party has not settled on any one candidate. Her replacement as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly is also expected to come from the Opposition side of the House.

Quizzed about which Member of Parliament will now pick up her portfolio as the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, Granger said it will be shared by himself and APNU Member Africo Selman. He said that will be an initial step and he pointed to his own experience and qualifications when it comes to international relations.

Deborah Backer served as a Member of Parliament for over a decade and has been the point person for the Opposition on many legal, security and foreign affairs matters. The Opposition said she will be greatly missed in the National Assembly since she served as one of his Chief Advisors on many Legal and Foreign Affairs issues.

He said the hope is that she will be able to return to the party and the National Assembly once she would have completed all treatment for her illness and would like to continue to serve.


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