Caribbean Airlines accepts findings of crash probe

Caribbean Airlines accepts findings of crash probe

Caribbean Airlines has accepted the findings of the three-year investigation into the crash of one of its planes at Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport during landing.

No one died in the crash but several passengers suffered injuries. The investigation which was led by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority found pilot error as the main cause for the accident.

The aircraft broke into two after rushing through the fence at the Cheddi Jagan airport on landing.

A number of errors were highlighted in the final report. In a statement to the Trinidad Express newspapers, Caribbean Airlines stated that based on the report’s findings, the airline has re-emphasised its commitment to working with its flight crew to ensure their effectiveness. Additional training was also covered during initial and recurrent training for the airline’s pilots, the statement added.

According to Caribbean Airlines, “the incident investigation has been thorough and CAL has worked with the GCAA to uncover all the facts as they related to the incident. The airline appreciated the opportunity granted by the GCAA to make submissions during its investigation and respects its final conclusions”.
The airline said that the report reiterated that the Captain was a veteran pilot and the First Officer was experienced adding that “CAL is committed to working with our flight crew to ensure they meet the required regulatory standards. The Captain of flight BW523 remains employed by CAL as a first officer. The First Officer of the flight left employment at CAL in 2012. All regulatory requirements vis-à-vis the crew were met following the event.”
Many of the recommendations of the report have already been taken on board by the airline.
A number of persons had filed civil action against the carrier over the crash but the airline claims that the majority of those claims have been addressed.
“CAL cannot comment specifically on the findings of the report as there is litigation in respect to a few claims, pending in the United States,” the statement said.
Filed: 27th October, 2014

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