Education Ministry warns fraudsters as it rolls out $10,000 per child grant

Education Ministry warns fraudsters as it rolls out $10,000 per child grant

The Ministry of Education has completed public consultations across the country with parents and guardians of children in the public school system, on the $10,000 per student grant. The verification process is expected to come to an end this week and parents should start receiving the grant by next Monday.

But the Ministry is warning persons against trying to defraud the system. In a statement the Education Ministry said anyone found to be engaging in any form of malpractice, fraudulent or corrupt activity regarding the disbursement of this $10,000 per child cash grant will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The warning comes as there is some concern that persons could try to make claims for children for other people’s children.

The Ministry said over the last two months, Head teachers from across the country met with their respective Regional Education Officers to verify the number of students currently enrolled in their respective schools, and that are on the schools’ registers.

According to the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration), Ms. Donna Chapman, the process is moving along smoothly as the Ministry now awaits the final lists of names of children currently beginning Year 1 (Nursery), Grade 1 (Primary) and Grade 7 (Secondary). These lists, she expects, will be submitted within the coming week to her office and that of the Permanent Secretary of the MOE, so as to facilitate the completion of the master list of students eligible to receive the $10,000 cash grant per student. The Ministry urges parents and guardians to register their children immediately so that the final verification process can be completed.

With the administrative processes currently running on schedule, the Ministry is set to commence disbursement of the cash grant by Monday October 6, 2014. Feedback from the public consultations held countrywide suggested that the preferred method chosen by parents to receive this cash grant on behalf of their children was by way of money transfer services.

The Education Ministry says it will inform parents and guardians of the date, place and time when they will be able to collect the cash grant on behalf of their children.

The new measure was passed in the 2014 National Budget and compliments the  school uniform grant that is given to children in the Public School system.


Filed: 4th September, 2014

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