Government rejects IDPADA-G’s statement at UN Forum as “baseless”

Government rejects IDPADA-G’s statement at UN Forum as “baseless”

The Guyana Government today rejected several statements made against it by the International Decade of People of African Descent Assembly- Guyana (IPADA-G) at the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, in Geneva.

At the same forum, IDPADA-G accused the Government of systemic racism, and told the forum that the Guyana Government is openly practicing discrimination against Afro-Guyanese.

The forum heard from IDPADA-G CEO Olive Sampson and Its legal representatives Nigel Hughes and Darren Wade. They told the UN Forum that Afro- Guyanese are not benefitting as much from the country’s oil resources and that there is discrimination in the allocation of Government contracts and certain basic government services. 

Today, delivering closing remarks at the Forum on behalf of the Government, Tourism Minister Oniedge Walrond, said while the Government respected the right of IDPADA-G to make its statement before the Forum, the statements were baseless. 

“As the Government of Guyana, our truth, is that we reject entirely as false and baseless the allegations made at this session by representatives of IPADA-G. Our truth is that African- Guyanese organisations under IPADA-G umbrella, complained to us that they were not receiving benefits from the G$m500,000, government provided to IPADA-G,” Mr. Walrond said. 

Minister Walrond also told the UN Forum that the Government found that resources it provided to IDPADA-G to advance the cause of Afro-Guyanese, were used to cover administrative costs at its officies. She said it was against that backdrop that Government decided to provide financing directly to the beneficiary organisations. IDPADA-G has repeatedly denied the Government’s position.

“So, they must speak their truth and we must speak ours, we expect that the United Nations and its institutions as objective and impartial observers will draw their own conclusions. It is self-evident, that institutions of the UN can only be successful if they enjoy the confidence of all legitimate stakeholders including member states and representatives of civil society,” Walrond stated. 

Walrond said the Government of Guyana remains unwavering and unshaken in its support to the UN Forum for its work in realizing the full respect for People of African Descent.

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