GPL gets reduced budget

GPL gets reduced budget

The Government wanted to give the Guyana Power and Light Company $10.2 Billion but the Opposition decided that GPL should only be given $5 billion at this time.

The combined Opposition parties used their majority Thursday afternoon in the National Assembly to trim the budgetary allocations for GPL. The Opposition’s position is that there must be value for money and taxpayers cannot be doling out money for the power company without any progress report. The  Government said the cuts could affect a number of projects for the electricity provider.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who holds responsibility for the sector told the Assembly that the company was making efforts to cut line losses and do a better job at fuel consumption. He said new power systems were being installed and the company ought to be given time and the money to ensure those improvements.

Member of Parliament for A Partnership for National Unity, Carl Greenidge argued that GPL cannot continue receiving tax payers money every year without providing progress reports. He said when GPL has problems, it affects everyone and the company therefore needs to become much more accountable.

The Prime Minister said that GPL was also still facing the problem of electricity theft and its best efforts to adequately address that problem have not brought the expected results.

Greenidge in response said many persons may be involved in the theft of electricity because of the very high tariffs. Prime Minister Hinds said tariffs could be reduced when the Amaila Falls hydro-project gets going.

The hydro project has been talked about for decades.

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