GPSU renews calls for better salaries and working conditions for nurses

GPSU renews calls for better salaries and working conditions for nurses

The Guyana Public Service Union has issued a call on the Government to take immediate steps to improve the lives of the country’s nurses.

As International Nurses Day was observed today, the GPSU noted the salary adjustments for health care workers last year by the Government, but said that the lives of nurses are not much better.

According to the union, the salaries of nurses should be improved by at least 75%.

The union said there is a need for the de-bunching of the professionals to provide for clear distinction of seniority, together with the reinstitution of annual merit increments.

“This would enable these professionals to manage themselves and their households financially, while reclaiming their lost dignity within society that was surreptitiously removed over the years, as well as, payment of a risk allowance in compensation for performing in certain positions,” the GPSU said.

The GPSU said that its demands are attainable and should be supplemented by a suitable tax-free allowance that offsets any increased taxation the salary increases may have attracted. 

“ In order to alleviate tiredness during shifts and decrease possibilities of malpractice, a recommendation was made for shorter hours of work to be contemplated, considered and implemented,” the Statement from the GPSU said.

In addition, the Union also called for the nurses on night shifts to be paid night premium rates, equivalent to “time and one quarter” of hours worked.

It also wants transportation to be provided for nurses who are required to go to work or come off from duty during late night hours.

“In general, hospitals, health Centers and Clinics should be refitted to make them more workers friendly. There should be adequate furnishings, restrooms, lunchrooms and washrooms for Nurses on duty. The absence of these facilities at all work venues creates logistical nightmares for these professionals during the execution of duties. Even with such facilities, lack of maintenance and servicing also creates such negative effects. These improvements would definitely contribute to the much-deprived job satisfaction and improve motivation, performance and productivity,” the Union noted.

The GPSU said it also believes that accommodation for nurses in all Administrative Regions needs either to be established or upgraded, maintained, and properly furnished to meet the continuous needs of nursing personnel.

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