Harmon tells Finance Minister “Give it up Ashni”

Harmon tells Finance Minister “Give it up Ashni”

APNU Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister of Works, Joe Harmon on Thursday pleaded with Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh to “give it up  Ashni” when it comes to his budget presentations.

Harmon said the 2014 budget is uninspiring and is the Minister’s worst budget to date. He said the Minister and his team must be tired as they continue to bring the same budget year after year.

Focusing on the Public Works Ministry, Harmon said contractors are being allowed to get away with bad practices. Harmon highlighted several problems with road works across the country. The APNU, he said, wants to see better monitoring of road works across the country and the quality of road works and bridge works.

He said too many Government Ministries are taking over the construction of roads in Guyana. He said there needs to be one Ministry responsible for construction of roads and if “Mr. Benn can’t do it, then they need to straighten him out”.

The Government has allocated $12.7 Billion to be spent on the construction of roads across the country. Harmon said the APNU advises that there be a proper assessment for roads and bridges construction and all should be handed to the one Ministry.

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