Le Repentir final resting place visible again

Le Repentir final resting place visible again

With blocks one and seven of the Georgetown burial ground, Le Repentir nearly completed as part of the Government’s initiative to promote and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment, massive improvements are now visible.

            A visit to the cemetery on MOnday showed massive de-bushing operations done in block 1 by Jeffrey Jones Construction, which was contracted to de-bush blocks three, four and five. Further, block seven, which is being cleared by persons attached to the Georgetown Prison Service, is expected to be completed shortly.

            Cleaning of Le Repentir is part of the ‘Clean-up my Country’ initiative, brought forth by the Government of Guyana for which $1 billion was allocated in the 2014 national budget. Of this sum, $500 million is being spent on the cleaning up of Georgetown, which includes the cleaning and de-silting of the seven main drainage canals, which is currently in progress.

 It also includes the rehabilitation of the Mayor and City Council’s machinery to ensure the maintenance of a clean city after the exercise is completed.

            The sum of $500M is earmarked for other areas across the country, where clean-up is also underway. (GINA)

Filed: 16th September, 2014


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