Midnight tremor rattles Guyana after earthquake in Venezuela

Midnight tremor rattles Guyana after earthquake in Venezuela

A number of regions across Guyana were rattled by midnight tremors on Saturday in the aftermath of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake along the Venezuelan coast.

Several Caribbean countries, including Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago also felt the tremors.

In Guyana, the tremors were felt in parts of Region One, in the capital of Georgetown and parts of Region Four and in sections of Region Three and Ten. There were no reports of any injuries or damage to property.

The United States Geological Survey Department reported this morning that the quake struck the coast of Venezuela at around 11:58pm on Saturday, triggering the tremors in nearby countries.

The epicenter of the earthquake was found to be located 29 km northeast of Yaguarapara along the coast of Venezuela.

A number of Guyanese rushed to social media to document their reactions to the tremors following the earthquake. “No you’re not crazy, what you felt was real”, Devon Roberts wrote on his Facebook page while sharing an official report of the earthquake from the US Geological Survey Department.

Another Facebook user, Dax Kissoon, wrote “whenever I think earthquake, I think tsunami, we already below sea level. Y’all living on the coast, look out your window and give me a heads up if anything”.

The last time Guyana experienced earth tremors was in 2021.

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