New maternal deaths rock GPHC

New maternal deaths rock GPHC

The administration at the Georgetown Hospital has launched investigations into two recent cases of maternal deaths at the institution. The two incidents took place over the past two weeks and have triggered new concerns about maternal health practices at the state-owned hospital.

According to a release from the hospital Public Relations Department, on September 17, 40-year-old Sharon Bowman from Bachelor’s Adventure died while delivering twins. There are reports that one of the babies also died.

Relatives of the woman have complained that the woman’s delivery was induced although the clinic that she had attended had recommended caesarian section surgery.

Relatives said that instead, the woman was given labour inducement pills and the trouble started. There have been a number of similar deaths at the same hospital.

The hospital is also investigating the death of another woman in the maternity ward. Two days ago, 25-year-old Fadhna Dutchin who was transferred on September 24, 2013 from the Female Medical Ward to the Intensive Care Unit died on September 24.

The details surrounding her pregnancy and death are unknown at this stage. The recent maternal deaths have brought the number of cases at the hospital to 10,  for this year already.

The Georgetown Hospital has come under heavy criticism  for its high maternal death rate. Many persons have said there is a need for more training of staff at the hospital and more monitoring of patients, especially those high risk cases.



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