Opposition presses Government for more united response to border controversy

Opposition presses Government for more united response to border controversy

The Opposition APNU+AFC has stated that while it will continue to fan out around the country to keep the population informed on the border controversy and remain committed to the defence of Guyana’s territorial integrity, it still believes the Government ought to be responding to the controversy in a united front.

During a public meeting at the Stabroek Market Square last evening, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton said while the government talks about a united front in the response to the controversy, it has shut out the opposition out of key discussions and decision making.

“Because even though we have shown them the need for unity, even though we have supported them in the Parliament, they turn their backs and decided to do as they like, when they like, how they like but we are not going to participate in their unilateral activities,” Norton said.

Mr. Norton said there should have been the establishment of a National Task Force to deal with the controversy. Such a task force, he said, should have included the Government, the Opposition and other stakeholders, so that a national plan could be produced.

“Don’t come to us with a PPP plan and masquerading as if it is a national plan, we need a national plan in defence of our territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Mr. Norton declared.

Mr. Norton’s statements were supported by AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, who told the gathering that the Government appears to have discarded the Opposition in relation to dealing with the border controversy on a unified front. He said since the Opposition gave its support to the Government’s motion, it has not been included in anything else.

“If you want unity in this country, you require the Opposition to even go with you, but they don’t call us, it is like we don’t matter, and I am urging the leaders of the PPP to put some sense in their heads and don’t believe we are not seeing what is happening,” Ramjattan said.

Mr. Ramjattan urged the Government to not only depend on external allies to defend Guyana, but to also ensure the Guyana Defence Force has what it needs.

“I want to say that we must not exclusively bank on our allies and partners on this matter, we need our government to resource the GDF more so that they too can help in the solving of this problem by defending our borders,” Ramjattan said.

The Opposition has planned a number of other public engagements on the border controversy.

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