President still wants Amaila Hydro Project

President still wants Amaila Hydro Project

With the Amaila Falls hydro project Developer Sithe Global pulling out of the project, the Donald Ramotar Administration  appears more determined to save the project.

In a statement issued on Sunday President Ramotar said he intends to do all that he can to save the project. “As President of this country, I will honour my duty to represent all Guyanese – and I will keep working to find a way forward as long as I believe that progress is still possible”, the President said in the statement.

He noted that on Sunday morning he called the Opposition Leader to convince him that there was still the need for the party’s support although the Hydro Power Bill was already passed in the National Assembly without the support of the APNU.

Mr. Ramotar said “I spoke with the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Granger, and urged him once again to join me in showing support for the Amaila Falls project, for our country’s future development and for the life opportunities of generations of Guyanese. I will try to continue this engagement with Mr. Granger in the hours ahead, and I told him that my door remains open, as it always has been.”

Although the the Government and the Alliance for Change voted in favour of the hydro power bill and passed it through the National Assembly, the developer Sithe Global announced that it was walking away from the project because all of the parliamentary parties did not agree on the project.

The Opposition party A Partnership for National Unity has been raising serious questions and concerns about the project and its viability and costs. The APNU has made it clear that it could not support the project with all of those outstanding questions and issues not being addressed. Opposition members of parliament believe that there might be more to Sithe Global walking away from the project than just the need for broad based support.




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