Two more Guyanese complete U.S International Visitors Leadership Programme

Two more Guyanese complete U.S International Visitors Leadership Programme

Guyanese journalist Nazima Raghubir and Audit Clerk with IPED, Keyshawn Philander have both completed the International Visitors Leadership Programme which falls under the US Department of State.

The two participated in two separate programmes in the United States.

Nazima Raghubir who serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Insight Magazine, participated in a program which focused on “Investigative Journalism” .  During her three-week exchange program, Raghubir and her global counterparts examined the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy and the principles and laws governing the press in the United States.

According to the US Embassy, they also gained an understanding of the role that investigative journalists play in U.S. society by raising awareness of issues of social concern or by reporting on illegal, irregular or abusive actions on behalf of government, politicians or corporations, as well as assess the impact of social media, new communication technologies, citizen journalism and alternative forms of investigative reporting.

The Embassy said this project was specifically designed for investigative journalists, reporters and editors from print, TV and radio, as well as professors of journalism.  10625014_984425511574087_1356787756062814616_n

The other participant, Keyshawn Philander of IPED took part in an IVLP program focused onEntrepreneurship and Small Business Development”.  That program, with over 20 multinational participants, explored private-public partnerships, and university impact in research and development.  Participants were introduced to an overview of the laws and policies of countries, states, and cities which promote business development.

“Traversing through several cities in the United States, Mr. Philander and his colleagues had the opportunity to explore the important role of small business in driving local economic development and examine U.S. efforts to promote small business development and innovation, both domestically and internationally”, the embassy statement said.

The two participants met with US Charge’ d Affaires Bryan Hunt on their return and he reaffirmed the U.S. Government’s commitment to work with and strengthen the role of organizations and contribute to the improved well-being of Guyana’s most valuable resources – its people, through capacity building and institutional strengthening.

He noted that the IVLP program offers one of the best means to do so, as it fosters an exchange of new ideas with leading Americans and U.S. organizations, while leading to lasting connections among IVLP participants.  He encouraged them to build on the many professional linkages they made with U.S. institutions and other IVLP participants from countries throughout the world to strengthen their work within their respective organizations and in communities throughout Guyana.

The International Visitor Leadership Program is the flagship professional exchange program of the Department of State, which annually brings to the United States approximately 5,000 foreign nationals from all over the world to meet and confer with their professional counterparts and to experience America firsthand.


Filed: 13th December, 2014

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