Untagged suitcase with over 50lbs cocaine found in Canada on flight from Guyana

Untagged suitcase with over 50lbs cocaine found in Canada on flight from Guyana

Law Enforcement agents in Guyana and Canada are probing the discovery of more than 50 pounds of cocaine in an untagged suitcase that arrived in Canada aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight from Guyana.

Law Enforcement agents in Trinidad and Tobago are also probing the incident, since the flight to Toronto originated in that country.

According to sources familiar with the investigations, the Canadian Authorities found the untagged suitcase at the Pearson International Airport last Thursday just after it was offloaded from the Caribbean Airlines flight.

While the bag was not tagged with the airline’s baggage tag, it did carry the name of a passenger who had traveled from Guyana more than a week before the discovery. Investigators are now trying to figure out whether the cocaine laden suitcase was loaded onto the aircraft in Guyana or in Trinidad and Tobago.

There is strong suspicion that it was loaded onto the plane in Guyana after the flight arrived here from Trinidad for its onward journey to Canada.

Investigators have reviewed surveillance video recordings and discovered that the suitcase never went through the check-in area of the Cheddi Jagan Airport. It is suspected that it might have been taken directly to the tarmac through a breach of security.

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit is leading the local investigations and has taken four Cheddi Jagan Airport staffers into custody, while other airport and airline staffers are being questioned.

A source close to the probe told News Source that nothing other than the cocaine was discovered in the suitcase with no name tags.

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