Walton-Desir raises questions about Government’s planned integration of Venezuelan migrants

Walton-Desir raises questions about Government’s planned integration of Venezuelan migrants

Opposition spokesperson on Foreign Relations, Member of Parliament Amanza Walton- Desir, is seeking answers from the Government on the Government’s planned long-term policy of integrating Venezuelan migrants into the Guyanese society.

On Monday, Foreign Minister Hugh Todd convened a meeting of the Multi-Agency Coordinating Committee to address the influx of migrants from Venezuela into Guyana. During that meeting, the Foreign Minister reiterated the Government’s support for Venezuelan migrants who are fleeing hardships in their country.

He also said the policy of the Government remains intact as it relates to support for the migrants from Venezuela and that the long-term objective is to integrate them into Guyanese society.

In responding to the Foreign Minister’s statement, MP Walton-Desir noted that it would be important for the him to explain to the Guyanese people how this objective was formulated since it was not in consultation with the people of Guyana and was not debated or agreed to by the National Assembly.

She said such a policy would not be in keeping with any international obligation, since the International Office for Migration (IOM) made clear that there is currently no obligation of integration for migrants under international law.

“To arrive at such a conclusion which has far-reaching implications for our sovereignty and territorial integrity, to do so without consulting Guyanese and without even the bare minimum of a clear, well thought out immigration policy in place, is sheer recklessness and gross dereliction of duty by the Irfaan Ali Government,” the Opposition MP stated.

She reminded that while the Opposition has repeatedly said that it will respect and protect the human rights of any migrant in Guyana, the actions of the Government present a clear and present danger to Guyana’s future and to Guyanese. 

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