Chinese Embassy denies Chinese companies pay bribes for big contracts in Guyana

Chinese Embassy denies Chinese companies pay bribes for big contracts in Guyana

The Chinese Embassy in Georgetown has rubbished claims that some Chinese companies have been paying bribes to acquire large contracts in Guyana.

During an interview with international media Vice News, the allegation of Chinese companies paying bribes in Guyana was put to Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, who the journalist conducting the interview claimed is an alleged recipient of such bribes according to a Chinese businessman and lobbyist.  Mr. Jagdeo has refuted the allegations and denied them completely.

The Chinese Embassy in Guyana has now added its voice to the issue, saying in a statement today claiming that Vice News reporter came to Guyana with a predetermined agenda and tried to smear and attack China-Guyana cooperation, as well as Chinese companies.

 The Chinese Embassy said it is dissatisfied with and firmly opposes the violation of professional ethics by the reporter and maintained that Guyana-China relations remain firm.

All of China’s media are state-run and controlled.

“The Chinese side highly appreciates that the Government of Guyana upholds the one-China principle and keeps developing cordial relations with China. China-Guyana friendly cooperation, featuring equality, mutual benefit, innovation, openness, and benefits for the people, is in accordance with the interests of the two countries and two peoples, not against any third party, nor should it be influenced by a third party,” the Chinese Embassy statement said.

As it relates to Chinese companies operating here, the Embassy said from all accounts those companies are operating above board and the reporter’s account of events might not be accurate.

“Chinese companies operating in Guyana are following the local laws, international practices, and market rules, participating in big projects through open and fair competitions, which is beyond reproach,” the Embassy said.

Guyana and China have shared diplomatic relations for over 50 years and Chinese businesses have been major investors in the country.

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