Is time running out for GFF boss?

Is time running out for GFF boss?

Rawle Toney reports

Vice President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Ivan Persaud on Wednesday, sent shock-waves through the local football fraternity, with his bold letter which asked Christopher Matthias to vacate his post as President with immediate effect.

Persaud’s letter called Matthias a dictator and chastised him for his hosting of illegal meetings and ordinary congresses, unconstitutionally suspending the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), as well as allowing the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) to run an unsanctioned Banks Beer Knock-out tournament.

When contacted for a response to Persaud’s decree, Matthias said “We are fully aware of Persaud and his accomplices’ missive and the GFF will respond very shortly”.

However, one day later, the GFF President is now questioning the authenticity of the letter which was dated February 2, 2014.

“Having examined the two documents within our possession, the GFF is unable to ascertain, with any certainty, if Mr. Persaud is indeed the author of same. Notwithstanding the signature which appears on the documents, the grammar, vocabulary, and style of writing are not characteristic of Mr. Persaud” Matthias said.

He went on to state that “unless and until Mr. Persaud personally and publicly identifies with the selfsame documents, and provides specificity as to the contents therein, then and only then, would the GFF be able to provide an informed response”.

“But that’s nonsense, I wrote all the letters myself and submitted them to the GFF myself” Persaud said when contacted by News Source, relating Matthias’ claim of the letter that was publish in all the Daily News Papers was bogus.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Persaud said “I took four copies of the letters into the Federation (GFF) and I had Mr. (Noel) Adonis signed them, of which he did. I left two copies of the letters and I kept two, of which was published in its entirety in various News Papers. It was made public because it has my signature, so I don’t understand how he can say something like that”

News Source also contacted Adonis who verified that indeed Persaud brought the letters too him and he fixed his signature on them, also writing “read”, along with the date of which he saw the letter – February 3, 2014 .

“Yes, im aware of the letters, I signed them; they signature is mine as well because I was copied in the letter that was meant for Mr. Matthias. I cannot answer the questions asked in the letter because its not for me to do such, you will have to contact the person whom the letter was addressed too” Adonis said.

Meanwhile, Persaud also mention “When he won, everyone give him the support, especially myself, Collie (Hercules) and Rawlston (Adams). We said we’re going to work to change the game of football in Guyana. But he has led us astray. We found out he lied to about plenty things. When Guyana didn’t attend the Beach Football tournament, he told people that we wouldn’t be fine, then, it came to us that Guyana was fined US$22,000. When FIFA sent the money, that amount came short and we were told why. Not to mention the fact he never went to Zurich and told us that he was there”

Asked about the alternative measures you would take if Matthias fail to acknowledge his letter, Persaud said “I can’t tell you that right now, because what I want is for him to first at least respond to my letter and stop beating around the bush. When that happens, you will be first to know what’s happening next”.

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