Brazil protests: Temer revokes decree deploying troops in Brasilia

(BBC)  Brazilian President Michel Temer has revoked a decree that deployed troops in the capital, Brasilia, to defend government buildings against protests. The decree was made on Wednesday when the government said police could not contain anti-government demonstrations. However, the move was strongly criticised by city authorities and the opposition. Protesters want the resignation of […]

Woman delivers baby mid-air on GDF flight from North Rupununi

The crew aboard a Guyana Defence Force aircraft faced a different type of turbulence on Saturday as a young Indigenous woman delivered her baby mid-air. Lucky for them, there was a young medical student on board to guide the delivery. It was just before 6:00pm on Saturday, that one of the GDF’s aircraft was transformed into […]

Guyana calls on WHO better monitor global health risks in small states

Guyana’s Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, has called on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop stronger systems to monitor health risks globally, since this is an issue which small states continue to grapple with. The Minister was at the time delivering her address at the 70th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. According […]

28 months in jail for Guyanese woman busted with cocaine in weave in The Bahamas

(Bahamas Tribune)  A GUYANESE woman was sentenced to 28 months in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to two counts of drug possession. Linda Reynolds, 23, was charged before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and importation of dangerous drugs. According to initial police reports, a Guyanese woman […]

Opposition boycotts Independence Flag Raising ceremoy while acknowledging need for more unity in Guyana

Guyana’s Opposition Members of Parliament stayed away from the 51st Independence Anniversary flag raising ceremony, leaving their front row VIP seats empty. Last year, the Opposition had complained about improper seating arrangements and walked out of the Golden Jubilee festivities. Last evening as Guyana crossed into its 51st year as an independent nation, they simply […]

President underscores Free, Green and Cohesive State in Independence message

The transition of British Guiana from a colony to Independent Guyana was a colourful episode punctuated with political, social and economic challenges. The country’s ability to successfully maneuver itself pass these challenges was recognised by President David Granger in his Independence Day Message to the Nation.  Mr. Granger reflected on the period of colonization which saw 350 years of […]

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