Dharamlall denies latest sexual assault allegations during Police interview at Cove and John

Dharamlall denies latest sexual assault allegations during Police interview at Cove and John

Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party and former Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall, while being interrogated by the Police today on the latest sexual assault report made against him, repeatedly denied the allegations, which was made by a former employee of the Local Government Ministry.

A report was filed last week by the former employee, who claimed that she was sexually assaulted on two occasions by Mr. Dharamlall.

In the company of Attorney Bernard DaSilva, Dharamlall surrendered to investigators at the Cove and John Police station, where he faced questioning.

His Attorney, Bernard Da Silva told reporters that the former Minister has vehemently denied the allegations.

“He is cooperating with the police. I have had the privilege of turning him in. He just conducted an interview of which he denied all the allegations, and the police would have to take it from there,” Da Silva told reporters as he exited the Cove and John Police Station.

However, while his lead attorney left the police station at the conclusion of the first interview just after 10:00hrs, Dharamlall remained in police custody to be processed.

“I have full confidence in the police to do their work. I do not want to interfere, and therefore, I would not want to remain with him. I have given him instructions, and he is mature enough to follow my instructions,” Da Silva said.

Attorney Bernard DaSilva

When News Source left the Cove and John Police Station at around 13:30hrs, Dharamlall was still in police custody. His son, and associates were seen entering and existing the station at various points. 

In 2023, Dharamlall faced similar allegations resulting his resignation as a Government Minister and a Member of Parliament.

 A teenage school girl had alleged that he sexually assaulted her. Dharamlall also denied those allegations, and the complainant eventually recanted her claims just as charges were being prepared for filing. There were reports that a financial settlement might have been reached in that case.

The teenage girl had however detailed her allegations to at least two women right’s organisations and a number of officials.

In 2022, a New York based woman had also complained about being sexually harassed by Dharamlall on Facebook. In her allegations, she said just after she had clicked like on a post made by the then Minister, he reached out to her and invited her to meet with him at his hotel room during a New York visit.

The woman provided screen grabs of the conversation, and also revealed that the politician shared nude images of himself with her while requesting that she do the same. She said she blocked his advances and wanted the matter probed, but there was never any investigation, she later claimed.

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