Guyana-based Jamaican man shot dead in Sophia during money row; Taxi driver in custody

Guyana-based Jamaican man shot dead in Sophia during money row; Taxi driver in custody

A 29-year-old Jamaican man, who has been living in Guyana for the past several years, was shot dead on Thursday in the Georgetown community of Sophia during an argument with a taxi driver.

The Jamaican man has been identified as Navar George Barton, who sings under the name “Stero Don”. The Police in a statement this morning said one of the suspects in the murder has since been arrested, and was known to the murder victim. The arrested suspect is from the same Sophia community.

Investigators are also seeking another suspect.

The Police report stated that the Jamaican man was at home with his girlfriend, when they heard a knock on the door. The woman told investigators that while no one answered when they questioned who was knocking at their door, her boyfriend looked out and told her that he knew the two men and was going outside to see what they wanted.

The woman told investigators that shortly after her boyfriend stepped outside, she heard him and the two men arguing about money, and shortly after she heard two gunshots.

The traumatized girlfriend told the investigators that when she looked outside, she saw her boyfriend’s body lying on the ground with blood rushing from his head. She said she also saw the taxi driver and the other man running out of the yard.

An alarm was raised and the injured man was taken to the Georgetown Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Investigators said the 29-year-old man sustained a gunshot to his head. Two 9mm spent shells have since been recovered from the scene. A post mortem examination is to be performed on the body.

The Police also reported that a number of persons in the area were questioned, leading to the arrest of the taxi driver.

The murder investigation is ongoing.

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