Aubrey Norton declares “For Guyana to Grow, the PPP has to go”

Seasoned campaigner and politician, Aubrey Norton has charged Guyanese to throw their full support behind the APNU+AFC government because if Guyana is to grow, the PPP must go.

Aubrey Norton declares “For Guyana to Grow, the PPP has to go”

Seasoned campaigner and politician, Aubrey Norton on Tuesday evening charged residents of Parfait Harmonie on the West Bank of Demerara to throw their full support behind the APNU+AFC coalition if they want to see real development of their community and a better Guyana.

Speaking at a public meeting at the poorly lit 4 corner at Parfait Harmonie, Norton told residents that while their streets remain without proper lights and they are forced to install their own street lamps, the government officials and their friends have bright lights in their neighbourhoods. He used that as one of many examples to highlight the need for properly established housing schemes across Guyana.

“The People’s Progressive Party is enriching a few while the majority stays in poverty. If you look at what they do in housing, when they are dealing with ordinary people, they give them a house lot for a large sum, and then those people have to battle with drains and lights and if you look around you can see the only lights you see are what people put up privately. The APNU’s view of a housing scheme is that it must have light, it must have water, it must have proper drainage and it must have the basic facilities that a people need”.

He said when members of the government are building housing schemes for themselves, those schemes would have all of the necessities that the ordinary housing schemes do not.

Norton said the governing party has failed in just about every sector and was not offering Guyanese any new development. He told the Parfait Harmonie residents that on May 11, they must all come out collectively and vote the PPP out of office. He said the PPP cannot compare itself to the APNU+AFC being led by David  Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.

According to Norton, “If Guyana is to grow, the PPP must go. Guyana cannot develop with a Peoples Progressive Party government. They know no decency”

“We are offering you two candidates who are characterized by decency, that believe in the law, that believe in respect and we offer you two competent and incorruptible persons in David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo. I dare the PPP or anybody to compare Donald Ramotar with David Granger”, Norton affirmed, as he made it clear to the public meeting that the choice is clear and should be easily made.

On the education front, Norton who is a political science lecturer at the University of Guyana, said the government is turning the nation into a nation of drop-outs because of insufficient attention being paid to the education sector. He said an APNU+AFC government will rectify the problems in the education system by putting more money into the early childhood education and primary school system since a good educational base is needed.

In the area of security, the former Member of Parliament said the PPP has failed to effectively tackle the drug trade. He said the drug trade has blossomed under the PPP and enough is not being done to stem that increase. He said Guyanese must demand better and should vote for better.

Norton described the upcoming elections as the “most crucial” in the history of Guyana since victory at the elections for the APNU+AFC would signal that “we have ended one race against another”. He said the birth of the coalition signaled that Guyana is “tired of Jagdeo and the PPP’s approach to race”.

He said every Guyanese must be treated equally and the marginalization of ethnic groups must end and people must be treated fairly and should not be victimized. “We need a government that will operate in the interest of the people and we need a government that will treat all Guyanese as equal and I say to you that government is an APNU+AFC government led by David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo”.

Filed: 4th April, 2015

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