“Even the blind can see development under the PPP” -Roger Luncheon

“Even the blind can see development under the PPP”   -Roger Luncheon

The incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) took its message of “sustained economic growth and equal opportunities for all Guyanese” to Tucville, Georgetown with a public meeting on Friday at Turning Point.

Addressing the small gathering, PPP Executive Member Dr Roger Luncheon, urged residents of the area to support the ruling party at the May 11 polls with a guarantee that the right choices will be made to deliver to them a “bright future.”

Luncheon who has been making campaign appearances at small meetings in Georgetown said  “May 11 is the day of reckoning” and said citizens have a duty to ensure that the eight years of consecutive growth continues.

He said the opposition coalition was nothing but a “poor alternative” to the PPP/C which has amass experience that outlive all political parties and that has held onto its founding principles.

Dr. Luncheon said even the blind can see the success of the PPP/C economic policies.

He argued that the PPP has led by example and knows what it is like to struggle while reminding of the colonial and pre independence days and the struggle that accompanied that period.

“We are a developing country and our ambitions, our expectations must be tailored according to that fact… We have developed and that is what the PPP is about,” Luncheon said; adding that “It’s is not that our economy has grown it is not that our per capita income has increase, it is not the fact that Guyanese are better off materially, it is the fact that these changes are stable.”

Luncheon was adamant that the ruling Party offered Guyanese the best opportunities.

Meanwhile, General Secretary Clement Rohee said citizens should not be oblivious to the dangers that lay ahead as they approach May 11 and prepare to cast their ballot.

The first and biggest “danger” he said was the Leader of the APNU+AFC coalition David Granger.

Rohee said the coalition was nothing more but “confusion and chaos” as he recalled the collaboration between the two over the last three years in the National Assembly.

He said the two opposition parties have always demonstrated their appetite executive power at any cost, saying it amounted to “political scraveness and hungishness.”

He said come May 11 the citizenry must turn away from the dangers, confusion and chaos.

He said “Granger like he blind and deaf” because for political reasons he has refused to recognize the gains made under the PPP/C.

He said, like a good Catholic, the former Army Commander must make his confessions so as to clean his soul as he made another appeal for him to appear before the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry.

Also addressing the gathering was Minister Jennifer Webster and Charles Ramson Jr.

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Filed: 21st March, 2015

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